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A solution to hot food becoming cold on the plate

Solar Plate Warmer

August 15th, 2011 by DiningStones

Take advantage of the summer sun by placing your stone in the direct sunlight.  It will heat the stone naturally while keeping the heat out of your kitchen.  Although solar heating won’t bring the stone to 350 degrees like an oven will, and it won’t remain hot as long, it will still radiate some heat up to your plate … which is far better than a cold plate any day!!!

On a cloudy day, setting them on your stepping stones will keep them warm until the sun appears again!  I like to set my stones out in the sun about an hour before my meal.  That way it is completely warmed all the way through. 

If you have a black grill, placing it on top of that will also heat your stone.  If you have any other solar ideas, please email them to me through our “Contact Us” page.

Best regards,

Deb Chance


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