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Innovative Dining Solutions from Roccia Bollente™

Customer Remarks

“I purchased your product for my elderly father, who has a swallowing issue. He takes a long time to eat his food and it was cold way before he was finished. He wouldn’t eat much because the food was cold, which resulted in significant weight loss. Now that he has a Dining Stone, his meal is still warm until he is finished. I thought you would like to know how appreciative we are of your product, because it is actually helping keep my dad alive.”

—Lisa W., Tucson, Arizona

“I wanted to say thank you for my Dining Stone. I really enjoy it, and am so happy to be eating meals that stay hot for more than two minutes. It works perfectly, is beautifully designed, and is well made. The marble and the cherry wood holder are both nicely finished. I am completely satisfied and glad to have found you.”

— Robert K., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“We received the Dining Stone and I gave it to my sister for her birthday. She was thrilled with it and anxious to give it a try. I’m very pleased with my experience with you and your company. You are very kind and conscientious. I will have NO PROBLEM recommending you. Thank you again for your personal touch.”

—Linda B., New Britain, Connecticut

“We use our Dining Stones every day. I especially like how effective they are at keeping my breakfast warm because I really don’t like cold eggs. You have a great product!”

—Fritz T., Springfield, Missouri

“I had to buy a second set (of Dining Stones) for our vacation home because we use them all the time. It really is a very innovative new idea that works and I consider them an attractive piece of art sitting on my granite counter top.”

—Mary A., Marietta, Georgia

“I like the natural beauty of the wood and stone combination, very nice wood trays! I would have expected to pay a lot more for items of this quality - thank you for helping me stay on track with my budget.”

—Carree L., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“We have been very happy with the stones. I fixed blueberry pancakes this morning and the berries were still hot in the last pancake I ate which had been on my plate. I had the maple syrup staying warm on the 6” stone. The stones were a nice anniversary present to ourselves.”

—Jim B., Davenport, Iowa

“Love the Dining Stones. A good investment. It’s great to have food stay hot for such a long period.”

—Terril Johnson

Business Awards:
Dining Stones received a Business Creation Award in September 2008 from the Entrepreneurial Development Center, Inc., of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in recognition of current and future contributions to Iowa’s economy. The award was presented during EDC’s Five Year Anniversary / Networking Event with keynote speaker Tom Aller, President of Interstate Power and Light. The award proudly hangs on the wall of the Fulfillment Center at Dining Stones headquarters.

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