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For Immediate Release
September 26, 2007
Contact: Deb Chance, CEO

Local Entrepreneur Reinvents the Dining Experience

New Company Sells Innovative Product Made in Iowa

Local entrepreneur and Batavia resident Deb Chance has unveiled a new product this September that could reinvent the dining experience. Her innovative products, called Dining Stones™, are natural plate-warmers made of granite that keep your food warm at the table without using electrical cords.

“When you pre-heat the Dining Stones in the oven or microwave and place them on the table, they keep your dinner plate so warm that when you turn your chicken breast over, a puff of steam comes out,” says Chance, who invented the product. With her family, she has launched a new business, Roccia Bollente Dining Stones™, to market the innovative plate-warmers.

Dining Stones Make Food Taste Better

Chance, who is CEO of Roccia Bollente, explains that since granite is a natural retainer of cold as well as heat, Dining Stones can also be used to chill cold foods, stopping your salad from wilting and keeping a cold drink icy to the last drop. Custom-made wooden holders protect the dining table from the heat or cold of the stones.

“I personally don’t like the taste of food after it becomes cold and I would catch myself eating too quickly while the food was still warm,” says Chance, who is a mother and gourmet cook. “And that led to overeating, which is not a healthy choice.”

Handcrafted by Local Businesses

Chance says Roccia Bollente Dining Stones is dedicated to offering innovative products made in Iowa. For instance, the granite Dining Stones are precision-cut using sophisticated waterjet technology by the Fairfield-based Creative Edge Master Shop, Inc., the largest independent waterjet fabrication and design company in the nation.

The hand-crafted wooden tray holders are fashioned in beautiful cherry, alder and ash by Wood Components & Technologies, Inc., of Cedar Falls, a leader in precision manufacturing of fine wood trim and parts.

Roccia Bollente Dining Stones are currently available to consumers at And the company eventually plans to market the products to restaurants, caterers, wholesalers, kitchen stores and gift shops.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Deb Chance, please call her at 641-662-2222 or email her at

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